Which visa is right for me?

The Australian immigration system offers hundreds of different types of visas, both permanent and temporary. To know where to start it is a good idea to consider where you might fit in – there may even be more than one to consider.

These are very general descriptions and do not cover the wide range of visa types available. With each visa type there are very specific requirements for you to meet in order for you to be eligible to apply.

Some Australian visa streams are:

Employer Sponsored Visa – for people with an eligible employer in Australia who is willing to sponsor them for full-time work in a particular occupation.

Family Migration Visa – for people who have particular family links to someone in, or coming to Australia.

Partner Visa – for people who are married to, intending to marry, or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident or citizen.

General Skilled Migration Visa – for people who do not have an approved employer to sponsor them but still have skills that are in demand in Australia.

Student Migration Visa – this is for people who are eligible to study at an Australian institution and are able to meet the obligations in order to do this.

Humanitarian / Protection Visa – this is for people from certain countries who are able to show particular reasons why it is not safe for them to remain in or return to their country.

Visitor Visa – these are for people who may want to visit family, plan a holiday, or even seek medical treatment in Australia.


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