Visa Cancellations

If you have received a notice that your Australian visa is being considered for cancellation, or that your visa has been cancelled, we are able to provide you with immigration assistance and advice. If you have received such correspondence it is important to seek professional advice as soon as possible to ensure a response to the Department of Home Affairs is made in a timely manner. In our experience, in some circumstances, it is possible to have the Department of Home Affairs exercise discretion to not cancel a visa.

Where a visa has been cancelled, it is also important to seek professional advice as there are often steps you can take to appeal or have the decision revoked. Visa cancellation decisions can be set aside, overturned or revoked by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the process for applying for a review of the decision can be done quickly and effectively by a professional who is experienced in the area of cancelled visas.

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Visa Cancellations



Nathan and Sandra were so helpful in assisting me to become a Permanent Resident in Australia. They were by far the best-priced service I could find and they were always available to field questions and concerns. Above all they were calm, personable, professional and positive. You feel a lot uncertainty in your life when going through the various stages of visa application and it is great than Nathan and Sandra understand this and are really supportive.

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