Adam and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work and constant support during the 8 months of procedure to obtain our De Facto visa! Your service you provided was beyond what we could ask for.

From the day I call your office for the first time to have advises, to the end of the procedures when we have been granted, you always show interest, understanding in our circumstances, trying to find solutions, helping in any way you could.

Having you and your team to help us putting our documents together was the best decision we made and a stress free because it is such a crucial and serious application.

I can only encourage other people who need to find an immigration agent to complete their visa application, to go ahead with your services.

Thank you very much Sandra.

E & A

Nathan and Sandra were so helpful in assisting me to become a Permanent Resident in Australia. They were by far the best-priced service I could find and they were always available to field questions and concerns. Above all they were calm, personable, professional and positive. You feel a lot uncertainty in your life when going through the various stages of visa application and it is great than Nathan and Sandra understand this and are really supportive. For me they helped to take a lot of the stress and anxiety out of the process, now I am a permanent resident and I am very grateful to the whole team at Visa Assist.


In 2014 my wife and I engaged Sandra Willis to represent us in a partner visa application to the Australian Government in Singapore. Our first application had been refused.

Throughout the procedure Sandra supported us with the gathering of the necessary documents.

We were always able to contact Sandra via email or phone, especially as time went by, to be told that we had done more than most to present our case for a visa, this was very assuring.

I extremely happy to say that possibly due to Sandra's assistance, our application was successful.

We have no hesitation in recommending Sandra Willis.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Emerton

Working with Sandra was a breeze. She took the puzzle of my travelled past and pieced it together in a coherent and thorough application that Australian Immigration couldn't deny. I would highly recommend her services.


Using Sandra's services for my immigrating partner made our experience smooth running and hassle free. Not having much of an idea ourselves Sandra broke everything down so that we were easily able to understand what the process was and helped us keep on top of all the paperwork and different stages of progress. After applying my partner's visa was approved within 2 weeks. We were so happy with how stress free this process had been for us after hearing so many long winded stories. I would 110% recommend Sandra to anyone going through the visa process. It was worth every cent.


Sandra helped me very much with my visa issues. Everything was done fast and in a very professional way! Thank you, Sandra!!! I will recommend Sandra Willis to my relatives and friends, who will need a help, support or advice about any kind of visa! Thanks a lot, Sandra!!!


I have worked with Sandra Willis on two separate Australian Visa applications. I found the way in which Sandra willingly guided us through the process instilled confidence and integrity in the outcome. Sandra, while giving us a thorough understanding of each step of the application, made the process straightforward and as uncomplicated as possible. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone who is undertaking immigration and/or visa applications.

Geoff Bentley

Sandra Willis was instrumental in helping me obtain Religious Worker Visa, subclass 428. Throughout the process she was available, helpful and efficient. I was more than pleased with the services she provided and would recommend those services to anyone.

Ryan Smith

My wife (who is from Papua New Guinea) and I were wanting to apply for a Partner visa for her to be able to stay here in Australia with me.

We looked around for migration agents for some help with the process, and we came across Sandra Willis. She was very helpful, easy to talk to, and made applying for our visa much easier and less stressful.

After submitting our visa application we waited and hoped it would all work out fine. Then one day Sandra called and said she had some good news for us. At that moment when she told us that our partner visa had been granted we both felt very happy, excited and relieved.

A big thank you to Sandra for your help with our visa.

Adric & Lucy

Sandra Willis acted as our migration agent when my husband Trent migrated here from America early in 2011.

Sandra was meticulous in the research and preparation involved in preparing his Temporary Spouse Visa. Whilst we still had to ensure we provided Sandra with the relevant documents, photos and information, a bulk of the work was done by her. It made the whole process a lot less overwhelming as she would ask us for the required information in stages.

Originally I attempted to complete the forms by myself as my work involves dealing with similar bureaucracy. However, we decided to sign with Sandra when I found myself not making progress.

Trent's Temporary Spouse Visa was approved very efficiently with in 4 months with no further information requested.

Thank you Sandra for your meticulous efficient work.

Trent & Vicki

I had the pleasure of working with Sandra Willis through the issues surrounding a complex visa application recently.

This was my first dealing with her in her capacity as an Immigration Agent and I came away with a deep respect for her.

She is thorough in the research she does and patiently re-assesses things when questions are raised as the process goes on.

I found her to be honest to the point where it might cost her and also able to manage all the complexities of communicating about the various aspects of applying for visas to Australia.

I cannot recommend her more highly and would encourage all those who are seeking help with visas to seek her out.

Colin Stoodley
Director of Training, The Pines Training Centre

About eighteen months ago our daughter came home all excited, saying she had met this young English guy. She said it was love at first sight. We saw their relationship develop, but in the back of our minds we wondered how long he had left in Australia, before his visa ran out.

As it turned out Dan had overstayed by nearly two years. We were really caught in a dilemma. What were we to do? If we let the authorities know, I am sure our daughter would have gone never to want anything to do with us.

A friend who helps emigrants had suggested we seek advice and gave us Sandra Willis' contact details. When contacting Sandra, what struck me was how honest she was. We decided to ask Sandra to help with the situation. Sandra was professional and caring, helping sort out the problem.

After several phone calls, Sandra emailed forms to be filled in, to assist Dan in leaving the country. She helped Dan get a Bridging Visa which would see him leave the country without any ramifications. Sandra was a wonderful help and we would thoroughly recommend Sandra to any person needing assistance.

Thanks for your help,
Theo & Niki

My partner and I used Sandra Willis to assist us with our Partner VISA application. Not only was the outcome positive but the cost was considerably lower than other service providers. Sandra was professional and easy going she helped deal with the stress of this process and was quick to respond to email questions.

We would have no issue recommending the services of Sandra – in fact we already have!

Rich & Juliana


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